Deja Vu, Free shipping again!

Order Saturday June 22, I pay the shipping!!!

If you order Saturday, I will pay your shipping!

Hello Ladies,

I sent you the below email on Wednesday for my birthday and because it was such a success and I had a few extra inquiries. I am going to do it again for Saturday June 23rd!

Email me or text me and we'll get your order in by Saturday night and I WILL pay the shipping!!

I only do this twice a year, for my birthday and for Christmas, so take me up on it :)

It's a good day today and I have so much to be thankful for this year, particularly all of you who I have met and also become friends with!

Today I'd like to say a special "Thank you" by gifting you with free shipping. Maybe you've been eyeing a pair of earrings or you need a special gift for the teachers in your life...It's always a good time to shop. And remember it's Dot Dollars time, so for every $50 dollars you spend you receive $25 Dot Dollars!!

I will pay your shipping. Text me @ 4167889885 or email me @ Don't order online or I can't take care of the shipping!

Thanks again for allowing me to bring Stella & Dot into your life!

Trish xoxo