Raccoon Creek State Park

Exploring Freshwater Communities

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Raccoon Creek State Park - Exploring Freshwater Communities

Friday, October 10th, 2014 from 1:00-3:00PM

Raccoon Creek State Park

The meeting site within Raccoon Creek State Park is the Wildflower Reserve Interpretive Center along Rt 30 in the eastern section. The address is 482 Route 30 Clinton, PA 15026, but some gps units call it Lincoln Hwy or US 30. There is a sign along Rt 30 for the entrance to the Wildflower Reserve section of Raccoon Creek State Park, and the Wildflower Reserve Interpretive Center is next to the parking area. The Wildflower Reserve entrance is between Anderson Hozak Rd and Raccoon Park Rd along Rt 30.




RSVP: Please RSVP by 10-3-14 by using the link below.


Purpose of Outing: Social & Educational

Students may claim 120 minutes for Science on the OLS.

Learning Objectives

Students will discover the inhabitants of Raccoon Creek.

Students will learn about aquatic animals adaptations.

Students will construct food chains and food webs, and determine the quality of the water.


**The students will be getting into Raccoon Creek to catch a variety of aquatic animals, so make sure they dress in clothes and shoes that can get wet and muddy.**

12:45 Arrival, Welcome, Sign in,
1:00 Exploring Freshwater Communities Begins
3:00 Tours end


If you have any questions, please contact.
David Kelliher dkelliher@pavcsk12.org

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