Silent Ones

What is it like to be deaf?


hello, I'm Shaquala im a senior here at FL Schlagle the reason why i researched this was because a few months ago i started watching this tv show about deaf people and it inspired me to want to know more about deaf people how they feel and why most hearing people look at them different from us.
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i hope other will gain knowledge and be more involved with people that cant hear. deaf people are the same as hearing and i think that all hearing should learn how to sign and communicate with the deaf.
Thats exactly why i feel that all people should learn how to sign because of this reason. or at least know the basics such as Hi,Bye,Hello,Help and things like that.
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Doing it for the deaf.

i would love to experiment this with a group of people that feel the same way i feel about deaf people and sign language.

what i think.

I think of deaf people no differently than I would think of a non-deaf person. Yes, I would not be able to talk with a deaf person I do not know sign as well as i should but im learning, I think I could still communicate and if it came to it I could write things down. You can still be friends with someone who is deaf and you can still share in life experiences with them