Treasure Map

January 18-22, 2016

Choice Options

As our district and community work to determine the choices that make sense for kids, I will share examples of similar programs in our newsletter. See the clip below to understand what is being proposed for 3-5 students that would be the next step from k-2 Montessori. The second clip is of a language immersion program similar to our districts.
Real-World Problem Solving: Finding Solutions Through Projects
Amazing Classrooms: Spanish Immersion

Next Week

Mr. Hood needs to know who you are testing during the winter window, even if you are using your IPads. Please let him know by Tuesday. He will go into the NWEA website and set a testing session up for you.

Monday, Jan. 18 NO SCHOOL/NO WORK/Sleep Late- Martin Luther King Day

Tuesday, Jan. 19

  • MAP testing window open
  • Birthday celebration & Committee meeting 3:00

Wed., Jan. 20

  • MAP testing window open
  • Discovery Science Training (during grade level planning)

Thurs., Jan. 21

  • MAP testing window open
  • Crystal Out
  • Open House (Austin's class only) 6:00
  • Terrific Kid write ups due by 3:00
  • Support Day with Shemia (sign up in SignUp Genius)

Friday, Jan. 22

  • MAP testing window open
  • M. Jerrell to meet with teams during planning
  • Crystal Out
  • Movie Night?

Future Dates

State Testing Information

We do know the following:

  • Not timed!
  • No science or social studies test for 3rd graders
  • Science and social studies for 4th and 5th will be taken electronically ( hoping with IPads)
  • Science 4-5 will be tested in window of May 11-27.
  • Social studies 4-5 will be tested in window of May 11-May 27
  • Math and ELA 3-5 will be SC READY (not sure if they will be paper or electronic)
  • If paper, ELA will be April 26-27. If electronic, the window is April 19-May 6.
  • If paper, Math will be April 28. If electronic, the window is April 19-May 6.

As soon as we know more, we will let you know, but please share these dates with parents for planning purposes. If you wish to know more, please go to