The American Revolution

How the U.S. was born

American Revolution

You may of heard of the American Revolution. It's the start of the U.S.A. The American Revolution happened because Great Britain was in debt and needed money. So, King George taxed the colonists unfairly. The colonists started to rebel and boycott because of the taxes. Finally, a war broke out. That's why it's called the American Revolution.

The patriot's point of view

Letter to the patriots.

Dear patriots of the colonies,

We need to stop the British from taxing the colonies. We don't want to go to war but the people from England started shooting yesterday. We call it the Boston massacre because five colonists were killed. To show the British that they should abandon the horrid Tea Act, we threw 342 chests of tea overboard into the sea. We call it the Boston tea party. Today, we had our first Continental Congress to ask King George to stop the taxation. We already have a group of people ready to fight. We call them the Minute Men because they have to be ready in a minute.

The loyalist's point of view

Letter to the loyalists.

Dear loyalists of the colonies,
As you know, we are loyalists because we believe that Britain has the right to tax us. We will pay so we don’t go to war. It is hard to be a loyalist because the patriots are making King George mad. He is making laws to torture us called the Intolerable Acts. These laws make us give food and shelter to the British troops.

The King's taxes

King George taxed many things including paper, wool, glass and lead with the Townshed Acts. The Stamp Act taxed paper. The Tea Act taxed tea. Many of these items got boycotted or stopped.

The new country's statement, the Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of independence gave the colonies the right to become a new country, rights and freedoms, independence and equality.

The American Revolution timeline

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