Kronbach Nation Team Recognition

April 2016

District Managers in Qualification

Annie Zocco in Jenny Kronbach’s District

April Rivera in Michelle Rivera’s District

Ashley Wisehart in Elysia Myers District

Ashley Zeller in Kasia Moskal’s district

Barb Witcher in Kassandra Magin’s District

Brenda Bonney in Jenny Kronbach’s District

Brentnie Kincaid in Chelsea Bruggeman’s District

Cheryl Wong in Cindy Milon’s District

Emily Ball in Lindsay Hernandez’s District

Glenda Childerston in Ashleigh Lanfords District

Glenda Gurley in Casey Medina’s District

Jessica Teet in Jenny Kronbach’s District

Jill Tasei in Jenny Kronbach’s District

Karen Mills in Caitlin McConnell’s District

Karena Schellpeper in Jenny Kronbach’s District

Kate Stephenson in Lindsay Herenadez’s District

Kathleen Turner in Caitlin McConnell’s District

Katie Nielsen in Jaclyn Williams’ District

Keely Quinn in Andy and Tracy Klein’s District

Kelley Baily in Jaclyn William’s District

Laura Harvey in Andy and Tracy Klein’s District

Laura Beer in Lindsay Hernandez’s Area

Lexi Kite in Ashleigh Lanfords District

Lindsey Book in Elysia Myers District

Lisa Baker in Jenny Kronbach’s District

Lori Ganem in Andy and Tracy Kelin’s District

Melanie Bailey in Heidi Simons’ District

Michelle Lopez in Megan Luna's District

Michelle Romero in Jaclyn Williams’ District

Neon McCarthy in Sage Riegel’s District

Paige Zahorik in Nicole Iannone’s District

Patricia Elias in Ashleigh Lanfords District

Rebecca Messenger in Natalie Cannon’s District

Sara Clark in Caitlin McConnell’s District

Sue Elkins in Jacquelynn Pleis’s District

Sue Kraus in Jenny Kronbach’s District

Zoe Platt in Jessie Otero’s District

New District Managers

Amy Lieberthal in Brook Baker’s District

Anna Esgro in Rebecca Hasley’s District

Ashleigh Lanford in Dean’na Lanford's District

Bonnie Bowles in Stevie Chambers’ District

Brandy Tighe in Sarah Tracy’s District

Christina Borowski in Jaclyn Williams’ District

Christine Sinclair in Emily Sinclairs District

Ebonnie Bannon in Sarah Tracy’s District

Kristina Behringer in Sarah Tracy’s District

LeeAnn Miller in Ree Zerafa’s District

Stacy Broell in Jenny Kronbach’s District

Area Manager in Qualification

Dean’na Lanford in Janie Lewis’s Area

Stevie Hefington in Janie Lewis’s Area

Elysia Myers in Caitlin McConnells Area

Kassandra Magin in Caitlin McConnells Area

Stephanie Prevost in Megan Luna’s Area

Jaclyn Williams in Megan Luna’s Area

1/2 Way to Region

Jacquelyn Pleis in Brook Baker’s Region

Janie Lewis in Brooke Schmidt’s Region

Nicole Iannone in Jenny Kronbach’s Region

New Area Manager

Lynnette Otero in Jenny Kronbach’s Area and almost half way to REGION!

1/2 Way to Nation

Caitlin McConnell Direct to Megan Luna

Nation in Qualification

Megan Luna direct to Jenny Kronbach
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Volume & Sponsoring

Top Personal Sponsoring

Lynnette Otero -7

Bonnie Bowles-7

Heather Dirk - 7

Top District Sponsoring

Jenny Kronbach – 22

Stevie Chambers – 10

Jaclyn Williams – 10

Top District Volume

Jenny Kronbach - $20,298

Dean’na Lanford - $10,672

Sarah Tracy - $10,454

Top Area Sponsoring

Jenny Kronbach – 44

Megan Luna – 21

Caitlin McConnell & Jacqueline Pleis – 17

Top Area Volume

Jenny Kronbach - $46,712

Caitlin McConnell - $41,033

Megan Luna - $41,024

Top Region Sponsoring

Jenny Kronbach – 63

Brook Baker – 47

Brooke Schmidt -27

Top Region Volume

Jenny Kronbach - $98,190

Brook Baker - $64,722

Brooke Schmidt - $44,889


District Manager Bonus Earners

($5,000& 5 new $150 PC/CNS=$200)

Brook Baker

Brooke Schmidt

Brooke Yeomans

Casey Medina

Deanna Lanford

Elysia Myers

Emily Sinclair

Jaclyn Williams

Jenny Kronbach

Kasia Moskal

Lindsay Hernandez

Lynnette Otero

Michelle Rivera

Rebecca Hasley

Sarah Tracy

Stevie Chambers

Area Manager Bonus Earners

($20,000 & 10 new $150 PC/CNS=$400)

Caitlin McConnell

Jacquelyn Pleis

Janie Lewis

Jenny Kronbach

Megan Luna

Nicole Iannone

Region Vice President Bonus

($60,000 & 20 new $150 PC/CNS=$600)

Jenny Kronbach

Brook Baker

Trifecta Bonus Earners

(Earned all 3 bonuses)

Jenny Kronbach

AIT Earners

Level I:

Brook Baker

Dean’na Lanford

Elysia Myers

Jacquelynn Pleis

Jenny Kronbach

Sarah Tracy

Stephanie Koenig

Stevie Chambers

Level II:

Jenny Kronbach

Brook Baker

Steph Koenig

Sarah Tracy

Jacquelynn Pleis

Brooke Schmidt

Level III: (earned trip)

Jenny Kronbach

Level IV:

Jenny Kronbach

2016 AM/VP Leadership Retreat

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2016 Wine Country Challenge

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Jenny Kronbach, National Vice President

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