The Cold War

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Atomic Age

-1949 Soviets tested an atomic bomb and decided to make an even more destructive bomb.

-Americans built bomb shelters in there backyards and practiced drills in schools and other public places.

-The first tested atomic bomb could destroy a lot but they wanted even more destruction

- " The atomic bomb became the final divisive issue. "

- On August 6, 1945 an aircraft dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagazaki, Japan and japan finally surrendered.

- " In early September , 1949 the American administration found out that the Soviests had successfully tested there own atomic bomb. "

- " Truman ordered American scientists to develop an even more powerful weapon: the hydrogen bomb. "

- " In the mid-1950s both nations developed a new tested weapon marking the beginning of a new round of Cold War confrontations. "

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Berlin Wall

- At first the Berlin wall was not well secured so people were able to escape easily.

-People of west Berlin wanted people inside the wall to escape. -They dug a tunnel and helped over 500 people to escape.

- People caught trying to escape were shot and even killed.

- German soldiers found out people were escaping by jumping off tall buildings or windows so they boarded up the windows.

- German guards were everywhere all day with dogs and there security was better so it was harder to escape.

- Some people didn't want to risk there lives by escaping so they didn't.

- 1989 on November the Berlin wall was the most visible symbol of the cold war and it was finally destroyed.
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Spy Scandals

- People from each side were sent to spy on each other.

- If you got caught that you were a spy you got executed.

- If you successfully reported back they used better and improved weapons.

- Being a spy meant risking your life.

- You had to be really careful to not blow your cover.

- If you were a spy you took any job like an secretary and listened to their plans and reported back.

The Cold War ending

- United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagazaki.

- Germany was divided into four occupation zones.

- Germany was to democratized and de-natzified. Once Nazi leaders were arrested and trials began there would be a date of a new german goverment and withdrawl of allied troops.

The Berlin Air lift and NATO

- In June 1948, tensions with Berlin touched off a crisis.

- The Soviets decided to seal all routes to West Berlin.

- The Western powers were not willing to risk another war to protect half of Berlin.

- The USSR had to choose between war and peace.

- In May, 1949,the soviets ended the blockade.

- The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was created in April 1949. If any one of the member states were attacked, all would retaliate together.

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