Teddy Roosevelt

By: Cameron Reed

Mr. Roosevelt himself and his early life

Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt was a warrior, governer, environmental activist, military leader, and most importantly a U.S. president. He was born on October 27, 1858 to dutch parents. So he grew up around a dutch heritage. he was born in NY,NY. He enjoyed weightlifting and boxing. he also worked at his familys brownstone.

Major Accomplishments

Teddy Roosevelt had an ambundance of accomplishments in his life. Other then being a progressive president during one of the worst times in history he has more than just that. He won the Nobel Piece Prize. he was the youngest person to assume U.S presidency from the Vice President roll after the president was assassinated. Not to mention he was elected to two terms.

If you can get shot and continue on with what your doing without a single care in the world Teddy Roosevelt is your guy.

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