Economic Opportunity Act of Death

The government trying to get everyone to work...Don't Do It!

Economic Opportunity act of 1964

Don't be fooled by what the government is trying to sell you on these lame jobs. These "Job programs" are not designed to help you find jobs because you will end up having a hard time to even start to look for a job. The "outskirts of hope" are really "Outskirts of nope" because the government wants to make money off of your jobs and use you to do there dirty work. Dont be deprived of your freedom to do whatever you want! They say its all to end poverty but really the government has enough money already going to senior programs which some of it should go to end poverty! Why is the government not telling you that most of the money goes to the senior programs when it should be going to the first world problems we are having like poverty. Don't work your butt off when its not necessary. Protest against it and make your voice be heard to balance out the economy's budget plans and end poverty!

In what ways are the opportunities bad and good?

The opportunities are good in that they provide you with many resources to find jobs for the people of the U.S i hopes to end poverty. They will give you opportunities to find work in many fields across the nation in many different sectors of skills and abilities. The bad news is that the government already has enough money to end all of poverty yet fail to provide for families and are instead using it to only benefit them and not the beautiful people of America.