The hot new play from director Mikey Cawlfield

See the story of Mike, Tim, James, and Harold!

Mike, the new guy, gets shown around by Tim! James, the mean boss, and Harold, the computer whiz, are along for the ride. Join them in their wacky adventures across the office floor!


Wednesday, Dec. 2nd 2020 at 2pm to Saturday, Dec. 26th 2020 at 3pm

25 вул. Гоголівська


Black tie event, 18+. Sippy juice and crackers will be served.


2:00pm: Arrive.

2:30pm: Loud noises, including dishwashers and animals screeching, will be played. Those who indure shall stay.

6:30pm: Noises stop.

6:35pm: Everyone enters the theater room.

6:40pm: Play starts.

6:42pm: Play ends.

6:45pm: Rave starts.

4:00pm the next day: Rave ends.

We are the Swagmasters Inc.

We made this play. Get on our level. #swag