Anderson's Announcements

November 20, 2015

We are thankful for...

The sweet smiles your children give each day, the hard work and effort they put forth, and all your support at home!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving break with your sweet kindergartner! School resumes on Monday, November 30th!

Literacy Learning

In Reader's Workshop, we will be reviewing identifying the main idea and supporting details in a story as well as making connections with characters and events in stories. I will be looking for mastery for these skills as we approach the end of the second grading period.

We will also begin learning about opposites! Students will be using opposite words such as hot and cold, on and off, front and back to describe situations.

In writing next week, our focus will be on writing narrative pieces. A narrative piece is a story from a student's own life. At this point in kindergarten, we are expecting students to write one complete sentence about a topic. We also expect students to be using capitals at the beginning of sentences and periods at the end.

Math Memo:

In math we will continue to decompose teen numbers and introduce place value. We will be moving from using double ten frames to using base ten blocks to help students begin to master this difficult skill. Students will be grouping and trading ones "cubes" for "tens" and be expected to compose number sentences such as 10+9=19.

We will also be reviewing coin identification. You can help with this by going over the names of coins and their values. Encourage your child to do coin rubbings and talk to them about what they notice about the color, size and markings on the coins.

App of the week: Park Math

With seven sections to choose from, kids will learn addition, subtraction, counting and categorizing.

Social Studies

It’s a very busy time of the year in Kindergarten and we need your help! During the week of December 7th, the Kindergarten classes will be participating in making holiday crafts. These crafts are part of our economics study in Social Studies. We need parent volunteers to help in the classrooms on Tuesday, and Wednesday (December 8h and 9th) from 10:00-11:00 a.m. Each student will be making a craft and will be paid “Cougar Dollars” for their work. Parents are invited to help their student and participate in this fun and educational experience! Please make plans to attend by letting your child’s teacher know what day(s) you would like to volunteer. On Friday, December 11th, students will have the opportunity to use their “Cougar Dollars” to purchase items that were made during the week to take home.

We are asking that each child bring a $3.00 donation to help with the purchase of craft items. Thank you to all the students who have already donated money.

Events: November 30-December 4th

Library: Friday

Computer lab: Monday