The Outsiders Soundtrack

Caitlin period 6

Ousiders Information

In the outsiders there are two gangs the socs and the greasers. These two gangs fight all time and they are opposite from the other. The socs are rich and jump greasers and wreck houses. The greasers are almost like hoods, they steal things and drive old souped-up cars. In the story Johnny murders and soc and him and Ponyboy ran away and stayed in an old church. they cut there hair and used peroxide. Then the church went to flames and children were in the burning church. Johnny and Ponyboy went in and rescued the children then they were considered heroes......

The outsider sound track

Cry on my shoulder by: Super star

I chose this song because Johnny and Ponyboy saved the children from the burning church. Then on the papers it said that now there considered heroes. Unfortunately Johnny didn't make it because of his injures.

Also Ponyboy might need a shoulder to cry on because now he's lost his parents and Johnny. He is probably thinking that why did this happen to me.

Cry On My Shoulder

Mean by Taylor Swift

I chose this song because the Socs and the Greasers hated each other also they were always mean to each. The Greasers and the Socs have changed because of Johnny killing Bob and the Johnny and Ponyboy ran away. The two gangs are always going to be different and mean to each other.
Mean-Taylor Swift (Lyrics)

Hero by Mariah Carey

I chose this song because Ponyboy and Johnny saved the children from the burning church. Then the next day on the front page they were in the newspaper and that they are now consider heroes to the children they saved. Even though they killed a Soc and ran away. They saved the children because they thought they started the fire.
Hero - Mariah Carey (Lyrics)

I'm coming home By Skylar grey

Ponyboy and Johnny were on the run and after the church went up into flames they went home. Except for Johnny he had to stay in the hospital. Pony boy is happy he finally is home but it probably is different because Johnny killed Bob and then Ponyboy and Johnny ran away and died there hair with peroxide.

My heart will go on by celine dion

Ponyboy had to move on with his life at his parents died. He had to put the past behind him and he did but he remembered about his parents passing.

In the song it says "my heart will go on" and that is why I picked this song it's beautiful and Ponyboy had to let his heart move on and start feeling happy again.

Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On [Official Music Video]