Mittye P. Locke Elementary

May 11th - May 15th

PLC and PS will take place.

Monday, May 11th: Weil Out

9:00- ESE ESY Adobe Connect

10:15- Fire Drill

2:10- PRSMS Band Articulation

Tuesday, May 12th: Title I Planning (Admin. off Campus)

Grade 5 Astro Skate

District Tropicana Speech Contest (Go Locke!)

ING Financial (Lounge)

Wednesday, May 13th:

Pre-K Meeting

Thursday, May 14th: Title I Planning (Admin. off Campus)

Gifted Museum Day for Classes

Friday, May 15th: Beth Brown Campus Visit

Gifted Museum Day for Families

3:00- Student Council Meeting

6:00-8:00- 5th Grade Dance (Cafeteria)

Conscious Teaching

The following is a quote from a teacher after she participated in the Conscious Teaching PD. We will be learning more about Conscious Teaching next year!

“Students perceive rubrics as games rather than discipline, and so they are fun.”

— jill Jenkins, Teacher