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3 Mistakes to Avoid while Planning Wedding

Everyone dreams of a marvelous wedding. The success of wedding mainly depends on planning and its execution. The wedding preparations can come crashing down even if you miss a small detail. Let us take a look at planning mistakes that people make. Knowing them will help to-be-wed couples to have a hassle free marriage. Let us take a look at 3 Mistakes to Avoid while Planning Wedding.

1 Don't delay the guest list:

Engaged – all excited to plan a unique wedding? You have started looking for breathtakingly beautiful venue. You are searching for the contact of the best caterer in the town? Well, wait a minute, you are on the verge of committing your first wedding planning blunder. Have you given a thought about the people whom you want to invite at the occasion? The ones who are going to shower you with best wishes and blessings. You got it right we are talking about the guests. First estimate number of guests gracing the occasion otherwise all efforts will go futile.

Real life experience:

Kavya, a doctor recalls her wedding nightmare. She says she loved beaches and resorts. When her date of marriage was fixed the first thing she did was to book a stunning beach side resort for her big day. The problem surfaced when the guest list was prepared. She came to know that the guest list was touching nine hundred while 250 people could be accommodated in the resort. After this started the effort to find a good venue but due to wedding season in full swing most of the prominent marriage lawns and hotels were booked. It was real nightmare. It resulted in waste of time & money not to mention the anguish. Hope you might have learned from Kavya’s mistake. First you should prepare a guest list.

2 Fix budget for every detail:

Okay, you instantly started with wedding planning activity after all it is the most precious moment in life. Nuptial involves lot of expenses and for that you need to decide budget. Great if you have done with it, now you must be busy adding up items to your cart but hey wait a minute – have you allocated budget to different heads like wedding invitation cards, decoration, catering, venue, photographer, videographer and wedding outfit. If you have not done it then allocate budget to each head instantly. It will help you keep expenses under control.

3 Involving your better-half:

When it comes to nuptial it is seen that girls are more excited about the entire event. The to-be-brides go ahead starting planning about things without consulting the groom. Riya, a Banker says she was always fascinated towards color pink. The moment the venue was fixed, she told the wedding planner to decorate the place using pink. She went ahead and ordered a lavish pink Bridal sari for the event. She got a shock, when she came to know that her fiance did not like the color pink, he thought it was very girly. She knew that if she would have discussed the point with her fiance then this problem would not have arisen. Later on they decided to go for a red heart themed wedding. Make it a point that you don’t repeat the mistake done by Riya. Discuss every element of wedding with your partner as it is about both of you.

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