Peer Mentorship Pilot Project

End of the quarter party!

You're invited to celebrate with us!

This pilot project is a small team of undergrads collaborating to envision, explore, and take part in peer mentoring (seniors and juniors mentoring sophomores) with the guidance of a graduate student. The project aims to create an innovative space for students to build supportive relationships, collaborate with peers, connect with campus resources, and use self-reflection techniques to understand their own learning and development of team member relationships. This implementation stage Winter Quarter 2013 was designed by the project team and acts as a catalyst in creating a sustainable program driven by the STUDENT VOICE.

Peer Mentorship Party

Friday, March 15th, 11:30am-1pm

18115 Campus Way Northeast

Bothell, WA

UW2- 221

Join us in UW2-221!

We would like to share with you our insights gained and personal/project growth throughout this implementation stage Winter quarter. Join us for our End of the Quarter Party to chat with project members about their experience. The event will feature a slide show of group activities and student self-reflection, project learning opportunities, food/refreshments, games, and fun!