World Religious Project

By: Joshua Song


Hinduism is the oldest religion and also is the most diverse out of all religions. it is very popular in India and also is popular in Asia. Hinduism is polytheistic because Hinduism has many gods. One of the most popular of the gods is called Ganesha. There isn't a holy book but there are multiple books that they use for Hinduism. Holi and Diwali are some of the most popular Hindu holidays. Brahmacharga, grastha, vanaprastha, sanngasu are the courses of the Hindu stages that they are supposed to meet through their life.

Basics of Hinduism by Gauri Maheshwari (Danielle Riordan)


Buddhisms beliefs are things like afterlife, human nature, and gods. Historians think that Buddhism was from northern India. Buddha is a person that was the awaken or enlightened one. Buddhism is neither monotheistic or polytheistic. The holy book is called the Tipitaka. There is a Buddhist new year which is a type of holiday.

Buddhism Basics.mp4


Judaism is originated from Israel. They are Jews so in ww2 many died due to Hitler and his revolution. Judaism is monotheistic because they only believe in one god. Their god is called god and he is the maker of the earth. The holy book is called the Torah which is the Jewish holy book. there are three major holidays called Hanukkah,Passover and rosh hashanah.

Basics of Judaism (Our Father Abraham)


Christianity is originated from Israel and was a part of Judaism but grew to a different religion. Christianity is monotheistic because they believe in one god.. They believe that god created the earth.The god is called god and he created the earth. the holy book is called the holy bible. There is some special days like ash Wednesday and Christmas which is the birth of Jesus.

Basics of Christianity.mp4


Islam is originated from the Arabian peninsula. They are monotheistic because they only believe in one god. their god is called Allah. the holy book is called the quran. Some major holidays are the islamic new year, prophet Muhammad's birthday, and the celebration concluding Ramadan.

The Basics of Islam | GracefulDeen