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My opinion

I think people should be vaccinated early. It can help fight off major diseases, before it harms a lot of people.

Supporting Evidence

Doctors say that vaccinations are safe and the greatest health development of the 20th century. State laws in North Carolina, and New York suspend students that are not vaccinated. Up through the early 1920's Diphtheria was none of the most dreaded childhood diseases in the US killing over 10,000 people a year. In 1962 500,00 people were suffering with the measles, ten years later they vaccinated and only 30,00 got it. Then another 10 years later there was only 2,000 cases.

Other side

According to CDC all vaccinations carry a risk of a life threatening allergic reaction in about 1,000,000 children. The Rotavirus vaccination can cause a type of bowel blockage that may require hospitalization for about 20,000 babies. Also people that are allergic to eggs can not be vaccinated because the vaccinations have eggs in them.


I think with all evidence shown, that everyone should be vaccinated. There are pro's and con's to both sides of the issue. It does cause allergic reactions, but you would rather have that then lets say small pocks. Also school's it should be illegal to not have a vaccination it puts others health at risk. I think overall that vaccinations are mandatory.
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