Boys In Control

By.Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Boys In Control is about seven kids at war.

There are seven main characters four boys and three girls. The girls are,Eddie the oldest ,Beth the middle child and Caroline the youngest. The boys are, Jake and Josh are the oldest ones they`re the twins,Wally is the third oldest ,and Peter is youngest.They live in a small town called in Oregon called Buckman. My book is 143 pages.

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor is a very good author and loves writing books.

There are also many other great books by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. The setting in Boys In Control is at the baseball field and the boys and girls houses. My book is in present time.

Some of the characters in my book

Talking about Jakes baseball game.

Everyone is talking about Jakes championship baseball game. Jake`s baseball team might be in the championships and everyone is looking forward to it besides Caroline and Wally. At game time Caroline stays for a little while and the goes to the yard sale that they are suppose to have. When Caroline gets there she talks to Wally for a little while and looks around for anything interesting then someone comes up and wants to buy something.Then some lady came up and wanted to buy something that costs $15. Wally said the sale hadn't started yet and she had to wait until noon. She said she couldn't be there at noon so she slapped a $20 bill and took off.

In the end

At the end of the story everything turned out ok Josh and Eddie won their game 3-2. They also sold most of the items at the sale and got a lot of money from it. Boys In Control is a great book and I hope you read it.
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