The Internet has immensely changed the way children interact with others. On the Internet, they are able to interact with their friends, share cool facts about them, post pictures, etc. Although the Internet allows you to do fascinating things, it also carries many dangerous risks. For example, there are men out there that like to stalk younger girls and teenagers. A lot of girls nowadays post provocative pictures of themselves, and they don't put them on private, allowing anyone to see them. These stalkers are known as online predators. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

Cyber bullies

Cyber bullying is bullying that happens online. Examples of cyber bullying include fake profiles of others, rude messages, rumors sent by email, etc. Cyber bullying has been going on since the early 2000's, when YouTube or MySpace was popular. Cyber bullying can happen anytime. Cyber bullying images and messages can reach a wide audience anonymously and immediately.
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All in all, just don't create any accounts or profiles on the Internet. It's for the best. JUST KIDDING! Just make sure that you put your profiles on private so that not everyone will be able to see it. If anyone peculiar texts or contacts you, IGNORE THEM AND DELETE THEM. DON'T DO ANYTHING YOU KNOW WILL HARM YOU.