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What points where there to this project?

I think there were many main points to this project. One of them is to teach me about the elements, since I knew almost nothing about the elements that Ms. Eisenberg assigned me. Another main point of the project is to teach the whole class about my elements. I personally have learned a lot about many other elements that I didn't even know existed. Relating to this point is the fact that my peers will also learn about my elements. the most important point in this project was that I presented my project in a new innovative way instead of the plain old research paper. I think this previous point is important since I like variety in the ways I learn.
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What was your favorite activity in this project?

My favorite activity in this project was the process of making my presentation. This was my favorite part because it involved me making posters and games, something I take pleasure doing. When I arrived home from school on the last Friday before the presentation i started thinking. This process took a long time since I was always discarding ideas for their fault of creativity or complexity level. Finally I decided to make a game in addition to a poster so I set to work and a few hours later my poster and game were complete.
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What activity did you find the hardest to complete?

The activity I felt the hardest accomplish was the element tiles. One reason for this is that my artistic skills aren't that great but I still wanted my tiles to look good. I then decided to come on all possible days in order to work on my project and complete it with quality. This I believe is what made me be so satisfied with my project. One more thing that made this part of the project harder than the others was that scarcity of the color white which made me have to change most of the plans I had.
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Which activities best show your work?

The activities which best show my work are my Fast Fact Sheets. I believe they best show my work since I put a lot of work into completing them. Another reason reason why I believe the Fast Fact Sheets best represent my work is that they are filled to the best of my abilities; I researched in all the corners of the earth to fully and efficiently complete my Fast Fact Sheets.
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What skills did you apply to this project?

I applied many skills to this project one of them being research. I used reasearch in this project in order to uncover all the answers to my Fast Fact Sheets. Another skill I used is organization, I used this skill to plan when to complete each phase of the project. A very important skill I used is my artistic skill, although not very good it served me well when I had to complete my element tiles. A skill I used was presenting, this skill I used to present my project to the class.
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How did you grow as a scientist?

As a scientist I grew in many ways. One of them being that I learned a lot about my elements, for example before I didn't even know Protactinium and Chromium existed and though I did know Plutonium existed my knowledge about it was scarce. Now I know all three of them as well as the palm of my hand. I also gained the knowledge of scientific vocabulary such as ions. Another thing I gained knowledge of is the name and background of various important figures to science. Finally I gained knowledge of the elements my peers studied.
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