Birthday Brochure

Haley Gremler

My Birthday

I was born on April 4 2003

Five Celebrities that share the same birthday

1. Craig T. Nelson (TV actor) 1944

2. Jamie Lynn Spears (TV actress) 1991

3. Austin Mahone (Pop singer) 1996

4. Jessica Serfaty (model) 1991

5. Robert Downey Jr (movie actor) 1995

Important events on April 4

1. France World War 1 Battle Of The Somme 1916-1918

2. New York's World Trade Center Completed 1973

3. Congress decided the U.S. flag would consist of 13 red and white stripes 1818

4. The Beatles hold an unprecedented record of twelve positions 1964

5. Los Angeles and San Francisco become cities 1850

interesting facts about April 4

1. I went to twice in Hawaii on my birthday

2. My birthday is on Easter sometimes

3. Was in California

4. Its the same month and the same day 4/4

5. Snowed the day I was born

interesting facts the year i was born

1. My cousin moved to Iowa from California

2. Jordan Creek mall opened

3. Went on an Alaska cruise

4. Spent my first Christmas in California

5. Saddam Hussein was captured

Birthday memories

1. When I went to Hawaii for the first time it was the year of 2008. I was turning 5 the best memory I had that day was when we went on the helicopter and we flew over waterfalls and volcano's. 2008

2. The other time I went to Hawaii it was the year of 2014. I was turning 11 and we went on the road to Hana.

3. My Easter birthday we did a glow in the dark scavenger hunt and we also made homemade pizza. 2007