Weekly Newsletter

Buildings, who makes them?

Dear Parents,

This week we have been having a blast talking about who builds the different buildings we have seen and what they use to make them. It has been interesting to see how our students already know the uses and names of the different tools that we can use when building an infrastructure. In the block center we took advantage of this knowledge and placed play tools to see if they were able to use them correctly. Even though some where still unsure of their purpose they played around with them and found new ways to use construction tools.

As part of our math curriculum, Miss Giselle work with the children on counting and quantifying numbers. They sat down and played a game called "Counting Five" where they had to look for 5 things and continue by adding on 5 more. They really enjoyed working on the carpet with the different materials and discovery what happens when you add more to a group.

Valentines day was a day filled with fun, friendship and love here in PK3. We started our day by going to PK 3.1 and listening to Samara's father talk about construction! They were able to see pictures of different infrastructures you can see here in Panama or other places in the world. After the presentation finished, we traveled to the cafeteria where we cooked our PK 3 breakfast! We finished our day by coming to the class and doing Valentines day activities. Thank you for all the cooperation with the materials asked!

Have a nice day!

Miss Camila and Miss Giselle

How can you use different tools to make a building?

In the block center, children where able to learn how different tools worked by using them to create their own building. They wore the helmet to protect them from any harm. Their creations where amazing!!!

Counting by Fives

Miss Giselle helped students add more objects to their sequences by adding five more and counting them!

Book Making!

In this center we talked about the different parts of a book and how they can tell important information on a certain topic. We gave them the opportunity to create their own book that talked about what they have learned in our unit on Buildings. They could glue, draw, write or do what they wanted to transmit their knowledge.

Can you build your own name?

In each envelope, they had the letters of their own name that they could build by gluing them together. First they sequenced them properly and continue by pasting them on their envelope.

What can you build using reusable material?

Their creativity burst when they saw the different objects placed in the art center. They built rocket ships, houses, buildings and many other things using all reusable material sent from home. Please keep on sending more so we can continue creating!!!

Valentines Day!!

Friendship and love where our main theme on this special day! Students worked together during choice time and continue practicing how to share with other students across the day. They did an amazing job!!

Special Speaker!

On Friday Samara's father was able to come to school and talk about his job as a construction worker. He showed the students different pictures of things that they can create and encouraged them to use their imagination to make new things!

Next Week!

This upcoming week we will continue working on buildings and focusing on the different tools and materials that can be used when making a building. In the art center, they will be able to create their own tools using scissors, paper, markers and other material. We will also be talking about riddles and different aspects of them.

Spirit Week!

From Febuary 24-28 we will be having Spirit week here at ISP. Each day we will have different themes where children can come dressed according to the topic. Throughout the week we will have activities to build up school spirit. More information will be sent out next week.