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November 20, 2015

Glimpses of GISD Stories

What do preschoolers, dogs, law enforcement, and pillows have in common? GISD, of course! A mix of photos from this past week show how staff and students cultivate safety, nurturing of the mind and body, and the act of giving into the everyday culture of GISD.

A Message from the Superintendent

Next week brings a special opportunity to take some time and reflect on our blessings. Every day, people are doing everything they can to make it through the day; the pace of the world has increased incredibly. Everyone wants more, faster, and better.

All of us are doing all we can at GISD to meet the ever-growing needs and I am THANKFUL for your efforts. I am thankful for the compassionate, intelligent, life-loving people with whom we have the opportunity to share our days. I am thankful for what you do for colleagues, children, and families. I am thankful for the visible and invisible impact we all have on this community, and I hope you can take a few minutes to realize our blessings.

  • Even though we clutch our blankets and growl when the alarm rings, we are thankful we can hear.
  • Even though the first hour of our day is hectic, when socks are lost, toast is burned, patience is short, and children are loud, we are thankful for our families and the ability to move.
  • Even though at times our work is difficult and overwhelming, we are thankful to have the opportunity to work.
  • Even though our dinner tables may not look like the pictures in the magazines, and our meals may not be perfect, we are thankful for the food.

Many of us will be roasting a turkey and sharing time with friends and family over the long weekend. What an opportunity to remember not just for what we are thankful, but for whom we are thankful.

Have a well-deserved long weekend and holiday!

Service Crew Update

The Navigator Service Crew reports that in October, GISD hosted its first customer service training. 80 staff participated in the training sessions, which addressed characteristics of exceptional customer service and strategies for delivering this level of service. A core part of the training focused on the need for all GISD staff to give the GIFT of customer service. The word GIFT serves as an acronym for the four simple steps of customer service, which are:

G = Greet - In order to make a positive and memorable customer service experience for those we serve, we need to begin with a warm and friendly welcome to greet our customer;

I = Identify - In order to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations, we need to first identify what their need is;

F = Follow-Through - Once we have identified the need of those we serve, we must assist them. We need to follow-through with helping them to ensure we have met and exceeded their expectations; and

T = Thank You - Just as we started on a welcoming and positive note, we need to finish on a friendly note. This could be done by thanking them for coming to our building or for giving us the chance to serve them.

The Service Crew plans to offer the customer service training again. These opportunities will be posted on GISD-U as they are scheduled.

MCIC Needs Your Help!

The students and staff members of the Marion D. Crouse Instructional Center (MCIC) are asking the community for its help. MCIC entered a contest with Bridgestone to raise funds for its outdoor playground. MCIC is one of only 10 finalists in the nation and the winning organization is the one that receives the most votes.

This is part of a nationwide contest in which Bridgestone is awarding prizes to schools that are dedicated to encouraging activity and healthy nutrition. They want to rally schools to get kids moving. If MCIC wins the contest, the school will receive $25,000 for additional equipment that will help expand its Outdoor Learning Center. The Outdoor Learning Center is uniquely equipped to accommodate students with special needs.

Those interested in supporting MCIC’s bid to be the national winner can vote by visiting the Fuel the Drive contest website. One vote per person can be cast EACH DAY from now until mid-December.

Employee Honored with STAR Award

Marian Keenan, Nutrition Educator in GISD's Health, Safety, and Nutrition Services department, was recently recognized at a GISD Board of Education meeting with the STAR Award! The colleague that nominated Marian noted she has demonstrated leadership in developing nutrition services in the Head Start program while providing reliable, consistent, and timely service to not only the children in the program, but also to the parents and staff. They also mentioned that Marian has been innovative in her approach to providing hands-on cooking activities for children and parents, as well as in her ideas and resulting actions in getting new resources and nutrition education to families in the program. Congratulations for this honor, and thanks for exemplifying the GISD mission, Marian!

The STAR award recognition program is open to all employees. To nominate a staff member, simply complete the nomination form that is available in the Staff Resources area of the GISD website and in the main office of GISD school buildings.

Students Take Learning Outside of the Classroom

A Glimpse of Medical School

Genesee Career Institute (GCI) students from Melissa Phillips’ Sports Medicine class participated in A Day in the Life of a Medical Student at the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine (MSUCOM). While there, students visited the anatomy lab, where they held hearts, knees, a spinal cord, and even a brain! They also enjoyed a hands-on lab where they explored medical equipment, learned to tie sutures, and even discussed baby positioning with a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology. Students ended their day by participating in an open forum with MSUCOM medical students.

Exploring Career Options

Genesee Career Institute (GCI) students from Janelle Wilson and Robin Carter’s Medical Career Foundations class recently attended the Hurley Health Career Day. While there, they explored various health careers. GCI Counselor Annette Cowhy, reports a terrific time was had by all, as students learned about their career options.

A New Safety Tool for Genesee County Students

GISD and 21 Genesee County districts recently launched Project Safe Campus, a Crime Stoppers of Michigan program. This collaboration is a commitment to improving the lives of young people by:
  • Empowering students to create a safe and secure environment in and around their schools;
  • Encouraging kids to have a voice and be part of the solution;
  • Teaching young people the importance of social responsibility; and
  • Educating students about the importance of safety and security at school, while engaging them in activities to help create a culture of safety on their campuses.

Learn more about Project Same Campus, including the three ways students can submit anonymous tips here.

Genesee Intermediate School District

GISD is proud to be an NCA AdvancED accredited intermediate school district. Serving students, parents, educators, and the greater Genesee County community!