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Each month you will receive a newsletter via email containing helpful information and intervention resources. The newsletter will highlight interventions and effective instructional strategies.

We would like the newsletter to be a useful tool, so feel free to pass it along to others in your school. If you have suggestions for topics or resources to include in the upcoming edition, please feel free to contact your ILT Mentor or the Intervention Psychologists.


  • Smarty Ants: Reading intervention K-2nd Grade
  • Elkonin Boxes: Strategy for phonemic awareness
  • ReadWorks: Reading Comprehension Instructional Resources for grades K-12
  • Behavior Strategy: Acknowledging Positive Behavior
  • Upcoming Trainings: January ILT Trainings

Intervention of the Month

Smarty Ants is an online reading intervention program for students in Pre-K through 2nd grade that targets skills including phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, and vocabulary. The program begins with an assessment of student skills to place them at the appropriate level within the program.

Learn how to run reports and use the teacher resources for Smarty Ants.


Elkonin boxes build phonological awareness skills by segmenting words into individual sounds, or phonemes. To use Elkonin boxes, a child listens to a word and moves a token into a box for each sound or phoneme. In some cases different colored tokens may be used for consonants and vowels or just for each phoneme in the word.

Watch Elkonin boxes in action: Video

Instructional Strategy of the Month - Grades K-12

ReadWorks is a leading national non-profit organization that provides FREE, research-based, and Common Core-aligned reading comprehension curriculum. The ReadWorks curriculum is based on the most highly regarded, proven research on reading instruction, and includes:

· Informational and literary passages and question sets for grades K-12

· Skill and Strategy lesson units for grades K-4

· Comprehension units for grades K-5

· Novel study units for grades 5-6

ReadWorks has several great lesson plans, novel study units, and readings passages with questions that have identified target objectives. Many reading passages have vocabulary support, aligned StepReads (passage at lower Lexile level for struggling readers), and clearly identified standards addressed in the passage and questions. The site is also very user-friendly and easy to navigate.


Acknowledging Positive Behavior - Recognizing students for following rules, directives, directions, participating, etc, is one of the most effective tools for managing, promoting, and correcting undesired behaviors.
  • Studies indicate a 5:1 ratio, or, 5 confirmations, praise and approvals for every 1 criticism or disparagement.

Positive Acknowledgments and Rewards - Dr. Rob Horner

January ILT Training Dates

Year-Round ILT Training

January 12

3:15-4:30pm, Guidance Resources Conference Room

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Title 1 ILT Training *ILTs and Title 1 Coordinators

January 19

3:15-4:30pm, Guidance Resources Conference Room

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Traditional ILT Training

January 21

3:15-4:30pm, Guidance Resources Conference Room

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MTSS Intervention Team Training

January 28

8:30-2:30pm, Westwood Training Center MPR

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