Bogotá, Colombia

By: Charlotte Villasana

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Representation of flag

Yellow- represents all the gold found in the Colombian island

Blue- represents the seas on Colombia's shores

Red- represents the blood spilled for Colombia's independence

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Population of Colombia- 49,529,000 people

President- Jaun Manuel Santos

Type of Government- a republic with separation of powers into executive, judicial, and legislative branches.

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1 Colombian = $0.00038 in U.S money
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Popular Sports

Football (soccer), Cycling, Boxing
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Independence of Cartagena (day when Colombia declared its independence from Spain), Epiphany (celebrates two events in Jesus's life: when the 3 wise men visited infant Jesus, and when St John the Baptist baptized Jesus), and St. Joseph's day (a day of Feast dedicated to St. Joseph).
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1. Black and White Festival- a five day festival