From Cow to Ice Cream

By: Luis Barrera 3RS


They feed 10000 cows healthy food then milk the cows then take the milk to the factory to make ice cream.


meanwhile there are montins of raw sugar waiting in a ware house when an ice cream

compony places order the raw sugar gose to a refinery here it is cleaned and gently

melted down into liquid. sugar tankers haul it away to the factory then the milk and the

sugar are at the factory they out door in toobs in tell froots come then its time to make ice cream the milk and the sugar go in a machine then it makes ice cream mix then the mix

is dividid in 2 coco powder gose in 1 half the other half is base for flavors put the mix

in a machine that kills the germs and makes it smooth and even. next they use

the colorings if you don't add bubbles it will taste like ice cubes. then

they put straw berrys and peanuts and chocolate and cookie dough. before it melts they

dip it in chocolate or put it in boxes or press it between cookies for ice cream sandwiches.

then put it in the blast freezer to be hard then check if its right then it goes to the store


then you can eat it

Fun Facts

did you know that ice cream comes from cows well it does.


I love ice cream. Do you?.
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