Road To Revolution

By: Miranda Rubenzer


Have you ever wondered about a man who disagreed with the British policies and what he did about it ? What about a war in the streets called The Boston Massacre and snowballs, stones and sticks were thrown. How about a group of women who also disagreed and what they did.

For this project I learned about Samuel Adams , The Boston Massacre and The Daughter of Liberty.

Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams was a man who did not like the British policies and was connected to these events Boston Tea Party, Sons Of Liberty and Boston Committee Of correspondence. He is important because helped organize the Boston Tea party and he signed the U.S. Declaration Of Independence. He is also important because many people followed him because he went against the British policies and he is also important because he organized a lot of events and organizations . Some words to describe Samuel Adams are leader, confident and genius . Samuel was very confident and a good leader so he was good at organizing things. Also since he was a genius it helped him become a leader and be able to be in charge of people.

The Boston Massacre

The Boston massacre was a street fight that happened on March 5th, 1770 between a “patriot” mob which is the colonists , and a squad of British soldiers. This war started from disagreement . They threw snowballs , stones and sticks . The event that happened before and still continued after the Boston Massacre was the Boycotts and the event that happened after the Boston Massacre was the Committees Of Correspondence. Key people that were involved in the Boston Massacre were victims and British soldiers. Victims were Crispus Attucks, Samuel gray, James Caldwell , Samuel Maverick and Patrick Carr. Some more important people include Captain Preston. Captain Preston was the British captain and stood behind his men and told them to fire . Almost everything has a consequence or a outcome . The outcome and consequences of the Boston Massacre were

  • led to deaths
  • more riots

Daughters Of Liberty

The Daughters Of Liberty were successful colonial group. They supported American Resistance . The events that happened before and after The Daughters Of Liberty are (before) Townshend Acts and ( after) Boycotts . It was 92 women who rebelled against British taxes by making things at home instead of buying them from the British. Some key people involved in the Daughters Of Liberty were Sarah Franklin Bache and Martha Washington . They were relevant in the shaping of American history. The Daughters Of Liberty were very important to the colonists because they made their clothes as well as homemade things. They also had a large influence during the war. They helped end the stamp act in 1766 . To help support the men on the battlefield they made bullets and sewed uniforms.


All these events led to the Revolutionary War because their was a lot of disagreement between the British . For this project I learned about Samuel Adams , Boston Massacre and the Daughters Of Liberty. All of these events are very important to the Revolutionary War.

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