Canada 2060

Better or for worse?

Then vs Now

Will Canada stay the same in 2060 as it is right now? No, there is a lot of things occurring in Canada that will cause change, especially by 2060. In this flyer, you will find information of the present and predictions of 2060. It will determine whether or not the near future will have a lot more or less for us.

Immigration in the Present

As of right now, 250,000 immigrants come to Canada each year. Anyone is welcome unless they pose a health threat, are a criminal or belong to a terrorist group. There are three types of immigrants. Economic immigrants, family class and refugees. Countries who've immigrated to Canada the most are India, China, and the Fillipines.

Demography in the Present

Something caught in studies is that birth and death rates are decreasing. This meaning the natural increase rate is slowly increasing. The reason is family planning, good health, and later marriages are now here to help decrease population.

First Nations in the Present

The First Nations people are those who are not Métis or Aboriginals. There are either those who are status or non-status Indians. Because of residential schools, the culture started off being weaker than it should be & the decreasing number of Mississauga people haven't been helping the situation.

In the future


Since birth and death rates are decreasing, I predict that they wil both be very low. And the natural increase rate will then be increased, but because at this moment we have family planning & such, in the future, we will have even more control of having babies and being healthier.


I think that in 2060, they might put country restrictions because too many immigrants will be coming. They might stop India, China, and the Fillipines from coming, but the same restrictions as now, would be the same. Money would be a push factor, and free health care, education, and whatever else the tax pays off would be the pull factors. Especially because prices for everything will be super high by 2060.

First Nations

I predict that in 2060, First Nation communities will be rare to find. The culture might exist within many aboriginal people, but the communities are already dying down. By then, they might be non existent for all I know.
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To conclude I must say that this may or may not be correct, but from what I see, this is what's going to happen. This could be a good or bad thing, but we can just wait until 2060 to know.