Listening Skills

By: Amanda Aquino

Active Listening

  • Concentrate.
  • Eliminate distractions.
  • Concentrate on what is is being said not ability of the speaker.
  • Pay attention.
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  • Successful Communication is when the listener receives the message as the speaker intended it.
  • Miscommunication is when the message is not received as the speaker intended it
  • Rephrase the statement to confirm the speaker's intention.
  • Interact,help you focus well.
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speaking and listening

  • Focus on the speaker while the speaker is talking.
  • Do not ignore .
  • Communicate with the speaker.
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Taking Notes

  • Copy down the important information.
  • Focus on important key terms;vocabulary.
  • Don't write down every single word.
  • Taking notes will help you remember the important information you need to know.
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