My Political Ideology

by: Madelyn Runyan

My Go To Quiz for Political Ideology

This quiz told me that I was about 77% Liberal, and I agree with this statement. It also told me that I was a little Conservative on certain situations. I believe I am also more moderate because I see both sides of a situation before I say where I stand.
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My Political Compass

I believe this is right because I am more moderate to liberal. I am more open to new ideas and beliefs but I also see the other side sometimes on certain situations. The Red dot towards the middle of the graph is where this test believes I am on this spectrum.
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My Political Ideology Quiz

I believe that this quiz it is also correct. The yellow point on the spectrum is where this quiz predicted I am at and I believe I am more liberal than a conservative.
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Overall, these tests tell me I am a Liberal and I tend to agree with this statement. I am open to new ideas and new ways of thinking. I think it is boring to have so many rules that keep things the same as the "good old days". We need color and imagination in this world, creativity is dying out and we need to save that.