Red Clover

Pea Family

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What does the Red Clover look like?

The Red Clovers main color is pink like the sunrise. There are many flowers among almost all of the branches. The leaves are green but in the middle of them there is a triangle of light green. The leaves grow in groups of three that sometimes look like a three leaf clover. The petals look like open pea pods. The Red Clover grows 2-24 inches tall and the flower head is a inch long.

Where the plant grows and when it blooms

  • It grow everywhere in the USA
  • The Red Clover blooms through March and September
  • It grows in meadows, streets and waste places and maybe even your yard!

WOW Facts

  1. Brought from Europe to North America
  2. It is used to feed animals and soil
  3. Dried flowerheads were once used as remedies for tummy-aches and sleep problems

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