5D/TPEP Tips!

Learning Targets and Success Criteria

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Defining Learning Targets

  • Standards-based & rigorous
  • Can be used in a many categories or contexts
  • Accessible by all students
  • Measurable & concrete
  • Specific and precise to the learning goal
  • Learning-centered

Purpose: 5D+ Connection

The first thing students need to learn is what they are supposed to be learning. With learning targets:


  • Reflect on their own learning.
  • Assess their growth.
  • Will know what questions to ask.
  • Have a clear understanding of why they should know.


  • Can make better instructional choices.
  • Can gauge student master.
  • Have an instant formative assessment tool.
  • Distills the curriculum into manageable chunks.

Brookhart, Susan, and Connie Moss. "Knowing Your Learning Target." Educational Leadership. 68.6 (2011): 66-69.

Something to ponder...

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Am I/Are we allowing students time to reflect on their learning?

Do I/we have instant formative assessment tools?

Remember...Purpose connects so well to our 1st PLC question.

What do we want students to know?