We're Write About That!

News from Room 704!

The Writing BA

Initially, the Writing BA was planned for Tuesday, October 18th. However, I think we need a little more time to make sure that everyone is ready, and that we have done as much preparation as we possibly can. There is plenty of time before the end of the card-marking, so the Writing BA will be pushed back to Friday, October 21st.

Home Reading Records

By now, you might have noticed that I do not assign traditional homework. However, I do tell the students that my homework each night is that the kids read for 30 minutes. In order to help the kids keep track of their nightly minutes, I have provided then with a log, or a Home Reading Record. Essentially, students need to read for 150 total minutes a week, and the Reading Record is set up so that students do have some "flex time" on the weekends to read, in case the nightly week requirements are not possible. The combination of home reading, and the reading time that I provide in class, are going to be the key to getting the seven required books completed. So, if your student says that there is no homework, you can always remind them about the 30 minutes of reading each night!

Google Classroom

This is super fun! And kind of a challenge, too! We have ventured into the world of Google Classroom. It's a brand-new venture for me, and for some students, but for others, it's old news. Basically, we are using the Google platform to create an online learning environment that allows me to distribute assignments and then students can access them at any time, any where that they may have a Google connection. It also immediately tells me when the assignment has been turned in, so that I can begin to grade it, as well as know which assignments are not yet submitted.

Please be patient in the coming weeks, as I am sorting through the MANY, MANY features and benefits that this platform has to offer, and there is so much to learn. We have already had a few 'growing pains", and I have had to send out some emails asking for help from my friends and colleagues that I know are proficient in the GC. I have even had students jump in to assist me! This is somewhat humbling, but I am grateful for their help! If you have any questions about this, please let me know! And thank you, in advance!

Water Bottle Flipping

It's official. The YouTube sensation that has taken the world by storm is also threatening to take away my sanity. The flipping of water bottles (and almost every other normally stationary object) is a trend that can no longer be supported in Room 704. Aside from being disruptive and distracting, it has also proven to be messy when the lids are not screwed tightly to the bottles.

The students and I have talked about this, and Mr. Holland has also let all students know that water bottle flipping is not something that can be taking place in the classroom. There may be some true academic knowledge to be gained from all of this (physics and the center of gravity, and all.that.jazz), but the simple truth is that Room 704 is now officially considered a No Flip Zone. I appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter!