Brandon Tighe


they were polytheistic . they also had a caste system and you are born into your group . once you are in a group you would not be able to switch groups . there was no social mobility.

Caste system

they had a caste system for the way people work . the caste system went from the highest to lowest . the highest is ,Brahman, soldjes,merchants,sudras . and they were not allowed to talk to other people in other caste systems.


Gandhi wanted to get rid of the British and rule India. Gandhi lead the salt march. he also lead many peaceful protest. he ended up in jail for having so much nationalism for his country.

The salt march

Gandhi lead the salt march. the salt march was a peaceful protest. also Gandhi also made people make their own salt. the British could not get ahold of it unless they paid for it . so they went out to make their own.