Latin America Road Trip

By: William Loera

Mexico,Mexico city

Absolute location 19 N and 99.13333 W

Relative location below the united states

Physical Features Tulum Beach and the Cooper canyon

Human features Mayan ruins and buildings

Modification El cajon dam

Accommodation Hotels

Government they give jobs for them

movement Cars and Drug Cartels

Culture they speak Spanish history is Aztec they eat Mexican food the education is good if you are rich and have the money

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El Salvador San Savador

Absolute location 13.6667 N and 89.1667 W

Relative location the bordered by Guatemala

Physical Features mountains ranges and volcanoes

Human Features Building and bridges

Modification Farming

Accommodation Hotels

Government tells them what to do

Movement beaches boats

Culture they speak Spanish they eat sea food the schooling is bad the region is catholic

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Peru ,Lima

absolute location 12.S and 77.W

Relative location in south america

Physical Feature Desert and rivers

Human features dams and city

modification roads

Accommodation shirts

Government Constitutional republic

movement jobs and cars

culture speak Spanish they eat cuy they are catholic some history they where apart of the Inca

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Brazil , Brasilia

Absolute location 15.S and 49.W

Relative location Its in South America

Physical Feature lguazu falls and Sugar loaf Mountain \

Human features Christ the redeemer and Church of San Francisco

Government bad


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