Water Shortages

Could de-salting water prevent water shortages?

How many people experience water shortages?

1.1 billion people experience water shortages all around the world.

What is a water shortage?

A water shortage is when there is less water for everyone in a certain area. When people don't have enough water to survive means that they are short of water :(

Where do water shortages happen?

Water shortages happen all over the world, but mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa.

When do water shortages happen?

Normally, there are water shortages during/after droughts. There are ALWAYS water shortages.

Why are there water shortages?

There are water shortages because people who are privileged to have an extra amount of water, wastes precious water by doing ice bucket challenges, and wasting water for no reason. Even though some people have to walk hours to find a little bit of water, a lot of people aren't aware about this horrifying water shortage issue.

How can we help prevent water shortages?

    • Stop wasting water

    • Donate money to charities that help solve water shortages.

    • Donate clean drinking water to charities that help solve water shortages.

    • Advocate about water shortages so that others are knowledgeable about this water issue and they can help prevent water shortages with a lot of other people.

    Possible solution?

    We can collect water from the sea, and then desalt the water with new machines in water factories. They can do tests to examine if the water is clean and safe to drink. After that people can send it to cities and countries that need more water.


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