Anchor Weekly

A newsletter for Alta Vista Staff~Week of April 30, 2018

Don't Forget! Next Week's Calendar

  • GT Testing for 1st Grade on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (Lab Closed Each Day until 11:00 am)
  • Math DBA (Gr 1-2) All Week
  • Kindergarten Field Trip on Tuesday, May 1
  • Faculty Meeting on Wednesday, May 2 (Book Tasting Follow Up)
  • Progress Report Grades due Friday, May 4
  • Reading PLCs on Friday, May 4
  • Waco ISD Mayborn Museum Family Event on Saturday, May 5 from 9:00 am to Noon (Free Admission!)

Coming Up: CDMC on Tuesday, May 8, STAAR Training on Wednesday, May 9, STAAR Tests on May 14-16

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Interventions & Tutoring

We will be doing READING for after-school tutoring this week. Ms. Boggess will have your materials.

We will be doing READING interventions this week during the day for Grades 2-4. 5th grade intervention time will be for math.

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Reading PLCs

We will have Reading PLCs this Friday. Make sure you bring student work samples and planning materials.

From Your Captain

Be VIGILANT about monitoring students! Most of our major incidents are occurring during short moments of not being supervised. If you need to leave your classroom, please call the office for assistance. During recess, remember to move around the playground so that all areas are supervised.

Make sure that you are moving around and actively monitoring during your duty assignments and be on time! If you aren't going to be there or are running late, please let Mrs. Logan know and make arrangements with a teammate to cover your duty.

Conscious Discipline

Weekly Commitment: I will take a deep breathe and be a STAR when I'm feeling upset.

KUDOS to the fourth grade team for re-establishing their morning meetings!

ESL/Bilingual Updates

End Of Year LPACS for all ELL students will be scheduled soon. You can prepare now by completing EOY interventions and recommendations for each student on the sheet you received at the beginning of the year (1 per student).
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The 3 Cs'

We haven't talked about one of the C's in a few weeks...CONNECTED! Don't forget that we have to connect with students to help them be successful. Sometimes, especially when we are tired, that's hard to do!

Here's a great blog about enjoying students:

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Math Professional Development

TTESS Summative Information


TTESS Time! Your TTESS Appraiser will be emailing you to schedule the conference. Here is what you need to be working on before then:

  1. Upload and document evidence towards the completion of your 2 goals in Eduphoria Strive
  2. Complete "Part II: Goal Reflection" AND "Professional Development Plan" in the "Goal Setting & Professional Development" form in Eduphoria Strive. As you think about goals for next year, plan to tie at least one goal to the Waco ISD Super 7 Expectations.
  3. Gather evidence to support your performance in Domain 4 of TTESS (Professional Demeanor & Ethics; Goal Setting; Professional Development; School Community Involvement) **See example that Ms. Mattoon put together for a good idea of what we are looking for.
  4. Print out your student achievement data to discuss (District scores, Rigby, Istation, Education Galaxy, Smarty Ants/Achieve3000, or other documentation)
  5. Schedule time for your End of Year Conference (Logan/Helton will email you)

Steps 1-4 are to be completed by Sunday, April 22. End of Year Conferences will begin immediately on April 23. Once the End of Year Conference is complete, your TTESS Appraiser will release your Summative Annual Appraisal on Eduphoria for you to sign (on paper and electronically).

**Please review the forms below as you prepare for your End of Year Conference.

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