The Light Bulb Lab's

Big Ideas for the Week of January 25, 2016

A.L.I.C.E. Drill

Today we had an ALICE drill at school. The district has sent out information about A.L.I.C.E. several times but if you need a refresher, it's the procedures and protocols we follow in case of an emergency. We discuss and plan with our Administration and School Resource Officer to talk through and practice how we handle various emergency situations. Today we practiced a barricade drill. That means we went to a safe location and stayed in the building. As you can imagine this prompted many "what if" questions. We had a great discussion with our students but would love for you to continue that at home. Here is the language we used during the discussion:

-Our number one goal is always to keep you (students) safe

-Staff plans and practices for many types of emergencies and we are well prepared

-Your job (students) is to stop and listen to your teacher or the closest adult and they will keep you safe

We talked about our safe spots if we had to stay in the building and our meeting locations if we left the building. We repeatedly said this was nothing they needed to worry or fret over, that we will always keep them safe but we'd love for you to follow up with them!

Volunteer Time

We LOVE our classroom volunteers! We appreciate what you do and welcome you in to our room. To make sure that we get the most out of your precious time, we really need you to sign up on our Volunteer Sign Up Genius. This great tool sends reminders about your volunteer time and will help you remember where you are supposed to be when:) Thank you for all you do!

Genius Hour Help Needed!

We are getting close to wrapping up the research for this round of Genius Hour. We'd love to have a few extra hands on deck this Wednesday, February 3rd from 9:45-10:45 to help students complete the last of their research. If you love learning about new topics and are great at finding info on the are PERFECT for this task. Email Mrs. Thoma or Mrs. Frederick if you are interested.

The next step after research is for students to figure out how they want to share their knowledge with the world. You may want to brainstorm and talk about some creative ideas for this round. We're encouraging students to share their knowledge in a new, exciting way. We really want to see their creativity come out and we are super pumped to begin this next phase of Genius Hour.

Don't forget...

-We are still collecting Yearbook forms

-Valentine's day compliments need to be sent to our homeroom parents

-Send a healthy snack every day

-We are welcoming Maker Space supplies, snacks and Clorox wipes if you are willing to donate