First Aid Supplies

Important things to have in your first aid kit


First you are going to have to clean the cut/wound.

  • Scissors - for cutting out things matted in fur, freeing your pet from entanglements.
  • Sterile eye wash - make sure it is eye wash, not contact lens solution.
  • Tweezers - to remove splinters, or other materials from wounds.
  • Latex or plastic exam gloves - for your protection and your pet's protection
  • Antiseptic wash or wipes - look for non-stinging preparations such as chlorhexidine or betadine. Rubbing alcohol is not good for open sores or wounds.
  • Syringe - Used for pouring water and cuts or giving the animal medicine.


After cleaning the cut/wound you have to bandage it so it doesn't get infected.

  • Roll Gauze - used for bandaging, an aid to stop bleeding, and padding for splints.
  • Bandage Scissors - these scissors have a blunted blade to easily slip between skin and bandage material and not cut the patient's skin.
  • Tape - preferably the 1" white medical tape or duct tape.
  • Ice and hot packs - cool down skin after a burn or keep an animal warm if hypothermic. Always use a cloth between the pack and skin and check frequently for redness or irritation.


Some extra things you may want in the first aid kit.

Something people may forget about is a Phone so you can call a vet or a friend to help you in aiding your pet. Also don't forget to have a list of numbers just in case you can't remember them.