Christie Newsletter No. 16

Staying Connected, Collaborative, and Committed

PLC Plug

A couple of reminders for 2nd semester:

Please pay special attention to the following items as you collaborate with your teams:

  • Reviste norms/collective commitments at the start of each collaborative time (you might even consider revising them)
  • It is "tight" that every team collaboratively plan Reading & Math
  • It is a goal of ours that each team submit a Google planning docs per cluster for reading and math ( For example: many of you are jumping into Cluster 5 for Reading; each team will share this with the ILT - that way we can stay up to date on your learning paths for students)

Interventions - Start January 19th!

It is that time up year where we vamp up our RTI process. Please communicate with the ILT by Tuesday, January 19th you schedule for tutoring. *Note that it is up to your team how you design your tutoring instruction. For example: Some teams or individuals will utilize the time before school or after school.

Extra Planning Schedule

2nd - Tuesday, January 19th AM Session, 7:30-11:30

3rd - Tuesday, January 19th PM Session, 11:30-3:30

K- Wednesday, January 20th, AM Session, 7:30-11:30

1st - Wednesday, January 20th PM Session, 11:30-3:30

4th - Thursday, January 21st, AM Session, 7:30-11:30

5th - Friday, January 22nd, AM Session, 7:30-11:30

**We are adding a SPED & MAP team date, as well

The purpose of this time is to collaborate with your team and plan for learning for the upcoming clusters and units of instruction. #getr'done

Goal Gains


All of your teams, K-5, have been working towards mastering the ESSENTIAL learning target of INFERRING. As we know, Inferring stands on the shoulders of a vast background knowledge. In order to vamp up our students' background try Nonfiction to give students a daily dose of NF.

Important Dates & Events

Collaborative Planning, 1.13.16

MLK HOLIDAY, 1.18.16

Staff PD, 1.20.16

PTA Movie Night, 1.22.16

Staff PD, PLT Work (expository writing), 1.27.16

MOY Data Due in AWARE, 1.31.1

Name & Need, 2.1.16

TELPAS Training (all Bilingual teachers), 2.3.16, in the Library 3:15-4:00

Simulation Dates, picture below

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