Editor: Shivani Tijare

Kisses For You

There are moments in time when everything is just right with the world. You are the definition of perfect and for that split second the whole world revolves around you. That moment is hard to come across but when you do, you grab on and never let go. To me this occurred when I was dancing in the center of a circle at my 8th Grade Hershey Dance. The whole experience was just amazing even though there were a few bumps on the road, literally!

The bus ride there was smooth and hilarious. I had a great time cracking jokes with my friends while watching the movie Hairspray. Also, it was hilarious to watch girls freaking out about the time given to get ready for the dance. I knew I would have enough time because of the boys bus that broken down. As we reached Hershey Lodge, the excitement in me built up and I couldn't wait for the events to come. As my roommates and I entered our suite I smelt the scrumptious scent of chocolate fill up my nostrils. My friends and I hurried messing up to room to look the best that we could. When we finished with the make-up and the glamour we entered the enormous room that would be our party area for the night. I met up with many of my friends and exchanged a lot of jokes while scarfing down the delicious dinner. Around 8:30 I hit the dance floor!

The song that was playing was "Star-ships" by Nikki Minaj and I pumped my fist up and down while screaming the lyrics of the song. I continued to dance like this for a very long time and started my own dace circle. These little moments built up to my perfect night. By the end of the night I had completely lost my voice. It was worth it. That night in my room I binged on chocolate, watched Netflix, and played Stick Man-Golf with my friends. I fell asleep at 2:30 AM!

The next morning I felt adrenaline course through my veins as I got ready for Hershey Park. I couldn't wait to get on roller-coasters and get rid of my fear of going upside down on them. The whole day I hung out with my group of friends and went on rides that gave me goosebumps and made my hair stand up. My favorite was Sky Rush it went 75 mph and had a 200 feet drop! The whole experience was unbelievable. After the tummy turning rides we went to Chocolate World to cool down. Here I bought a stuffed Hershey Kiss (it had Kisses for you written on it) and my own personal Hershey's sweatshirt. The ride home was a little crazy! Two buses broke down and we didn't reach home till 8:30! That was OK because I had an amazing time with my friends while we shouted out our favorite songs! The whole trip I "felt the moment!"

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Thoughts On Homework:

N.H.D (National H̶i̶s̶t̶o̶r̶y̶ Horror Day) Review


The topic for N.H.D this year was "Leadership and Legacy." The first part of the topic was easy to find information on. There are many sources you can use to find out how a person ruled during their reign. You can easily fin out their actions when they were alive. The difficult part is finding out their legacy. The impression or mark they left when they died. You can make inferences but you don't want to be wrong. Also, if you don't have a well known person it is harder to find their legacy. This brings me to the person criteria. There are many people that would perfectly fit the topic but you have to choose people from a certain time period. I find this quite unfair because this just makes it easier for overlaps to occur. The time period was from the end of of the fall of Rome to the Russian Revolution. In that period you had to find a person to fit the topic and make sure none of your classmates were doing them.

Project/Process Paper/Annotated Bibliography Requirements

The requirements for the project, process paper, and annotated bibliography were outrageous. We had a 500 word limit for the project and process paper. How are you supposed to explain a person's leadership and legacy in 500 words. Also, even if you had a partner for the annotated bibliography you had to have separate copies. That is pointless since you used the same resources. The criteria that was set for the students was unrealistic. If the students have a word limit how are they supposed to show teachers everything that they learned during research. This could also cause teachers to take away points, so the whole system is unfair.


Many of the judges were teachers from our school. I am not questioning their knowledge but I don't think its fair that some students got judged by the social studies supervisor while others got judged by a math teacher. Some students had it easier than others which could have caused them to get a better score. There is no fairness to that system. The judging system took a lot of time and the whole event wasn't well organized. I feel that the whole project could have been planned out more clearly and could have used a little more organization . N.H.D was not all bad, it had some positive outcomes. It taught students valuable life lessons like time management and responsibility. These are the things you take with you throughout life, not your N.H.D score. All in all this academic project receives 1 out of 5 stars.

Adorable Puns(For Special Friends):

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Educational Trips over the Years

7th Grade

Scared 7th graders, who knew only but a few people on their team. They can't get to know other people because the are too busy learning in class. The solution to this is Fairview, the greatest trip of 7th Grade that helps you form bonds of friendships. This trip helps you get to know every single person on your team with fun activities. For three days you are at a camp and you do every team building exercise you can think of! It's a great experience because you get to make new friendships and learn about the environment. There are hikes,archery lessons, and much more. The best part is the food, after being out in the cold for so long the piping hot food makes everything OK. Fairview really is a great trip for the beginning of the year, that incorporates science and friendship!

8th Grade

Reading the "Christmas Carol" is great, but watching it live is even better! You get to see Charles Dickens words come to life. That is exactly what our team did around Christmas time. After reading the suspenseful and thrilling "Christmas Carol" our teachers decided to give us the full experience. We would be watching "Christmas Carol" at the McCarter Theatre in Princeton New Jersey. The theater was really dark and spooky perfect for the theme of the "Christmas Carol." The actors did a fantastic job and the sets scared me at least five times! I could understand and enjoy the play, which was a first. At the end of the show we got to ask the actors questions and their answers were interesting. I liked their opinions and their tips about acting. The trip was a smart way to connect LAL to the Theater

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Letter to the Board of Education

Dear Bridgewater-Raritan Board of Education,

I would like to propose some changes that you could make to our Middle School. These changes will help improve the Middle School and make life easier for students,staff,and faculty. First, I would like change the cafeteria food menu to make it nutritious and delicious. Also, each room should have an air-conditioner or a fan. These changes would improve BRMS for the better. It would make BRMS a great environment for learning and enjoyment.

After a few hours of learning students are bound to get hungry and many of the students that go to BRMS buy food. They want something appetizing to sustain their hunger. In all honesty, the food served at BRMS is not that appetizing and neither is it nutritious. Because of its unappealing taste many kids skip lunch at BRMS leaving them hungry for the day. That is not right. The school should change their menu or food provider to make it appealing and healthy. This will please students and encourage them to buy lunch filling up their stomachs. This can help them focus better on their latter classes. Lunch is an important meal and it connects to the students progress in school. Improving the lunch will not only benefit students, but the school.

Heat! Heat! Heat! When summer's humid temperature strikes New Jersey, BRMS classrooms that don't have air-conditioning become unbearable. It's too hard to focus and the heat drains out the energy from kids. That is why I propose each room in BRMS should have air-conditioning. We can find it in our budget to provide air-conditioning for the school. It helps make BRMS a cooler learning environment. Students can focus on their work without getting irritated by the heat. Also, poor teachers don't have to endure the heat of their room all day. We have to think about the positive outcomes.

If these suggestions are made a reality, BRMS and it's students will flourish. They can only improve BRMS. Better lunch meals and air-conditioning is the way to go. I hope you take my proposals into consideration, I know you have a busy schedule. These changes will be beneficial to everyone, and I can;t stress enough how important they are. Let's make a change because we are B-R!


Chief Editor: Shivani TIjare

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