The stalked resin glands

Street names for Hashish

  1. bash
  2. bar soap
  3. hash
  4. black russian
  5. cannabis
  6. boom
  7. chronic
  8. gangster
  9. oil
  10. hemp
  11. marijuana
  12. blunt
  13. dope
  14. ganja
  15. herb
  16. joint
  17. mary

What excatly is hashish?

Hashish is made from the resin head glandular trichomes that cover the surface of the buds on the cannabas plant.

How does hashiash affect you body?

Short term: reddness in the eyes, dryness in the mouth, sensation of heat and cold, and relaxation in muscles, and increase in heart rate.

Long term: short term memory loss, cancer, not good physical health, chronic phsychosis.

The signs of abuse are drowsiness, loss of acurate time sense, lower cordination skills, and loss of ability to complete taskes and consentrate.
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People get addicted to hashish when they feel the relaxation of muscles and it makes the person feel good


People get dependant on hashish because people depend on it to relaxe their muscles instead of them trying to relaxe them selves.

How is the drug taken into your body?

You can eat hashish or you can smoke it. smoking it will take less time to take effect than eating it but eating has a longer effect.