Team 7 Newsletter

November 4-8

Math-Ms. McGehee

Last week we finished up the Action Figure Project (Pictures to Come), and started into our new Module that works with positive and negative numbers. We have focused with adding integers on a number line.

Next Week (subject to change):

Monday: Lesson 3-distance on a number line

Tuesday: Lesson 4-Rules of Addition

Wednesday: Lesson 5-Introduction to subtraction

Thursday: Lesson 6-Adding and Subtracting Integers

Friday: Rules for Addition and Subtraction

There will be homework after Lessons 3-6

Language Arts--Mrs. Martin

So far this quarter we have discussed irrational thinking, point of view, and "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" in order to answer the unit essential questions: What are the effects of irrational thinking? and How do events in characters' lives influence their point of view?

This week, we will begin working on addressing these questions in writing through a MEAL paragraph. MEAL stands for Make a claim, Evidence, Analyze evidence, Link back to your claim. We will continue to practice this format in Language Arts, and our understanding will culminate in an essay as the summative assessment at the end of the 2nd quarter.

(Subject to change):

Monday: View act 2 of "MDMS" and read a short non-fiction text about Rosewood, FL. Use graphic organizer to compare the events and prepare evidence for writing.

Tuesday: "MDMS" Act 2 assessment, and write MEAL paragraph to make Monday's comparison. (Finish paragraph for homework if necessary)

Wednesday: Maple Street Mob character map and prepare for Socratic Seminar regarding unit essential questions and textual understanding

Thursday: Socratic Seminar

Friday: Begin MEAL paragraph assessment: write a MEAL paragraph to explain the effects of irrational thinking in "MDMS"

Science - Mrs. Brown

In class, we are wrapping up our lesson on biodiversity. We looked at natural resources, environmental issues, and growth population as factors that affect biodiversity. Our chapter test over Chapter 3 will be on Tuesday.

Next up, students will be completing an endangered species project which will take about 5 days to complete. We are also working on following classroom expectations to continue to maintain well adjusted learning environments.

Monday - Kahoot Review!

Tuesday - Chapter 3 assessment

Wednesday - Friday - Endangered Species project

Social Studies - Mr. Beles

This week in World Geography, we just got done studying Latin American governments and economies. We began learning about different dictators from the region as well, such as Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and others from recent history. We will continue analyzing these figures this week as well as the effects that their leadership had on their countries.

One assignment we will be spending a lot of time on this week will be our “I am” poems. We will begin different readings written by people who lived through the different dictatorships from 20th century Latin America. Many of them either had friends and family that were kidnapped, by government agents, or experienced it themselves. Students will them write a poem putting themselves in the shoes of those Latin Americans, and then express their perspective through a short poem. Since this is of course not a language arts class, I am not focusing on poetic structure, but it will be a component of the grade for this assignment. As always, I will communicate my expectations for this unique assignment with students when we go over it in class later this week. I hope to see some excellent work with a lot of creativity!

Monday: Finish Dictator worksheets/analysis

Tuesday: “The Disappeared” poem reading and original poem writing (80%)

Wednesday: Continue working on poems

Thursday: Begin current event activities (Central America)

Friday: Current event activities (South America)