The Gift

By: Matilde Felipe


Setting describes where and when the story takes place.
The story takes place in 2052, close to Christmas, in space, on a rocket


The Character in a story is usually a person or animal.
The major character in the story is boy and father. Both characters are flat characters, they don't really change throughout the story. They're the same throughout the whole story.

"Anything is possible"


Conflict is the "problem" which triggers action or the struggle between two opposing forces.
The conflict is external, they cant get the gift because of the weight limit. so they had to figure out a solution to get the gift.


Ecovatice Foreshadowing is a type of foreshadowing that leads to readers on "little did I know" because of the weight limit, I didn't think they were actually gonna get the gift. but in the end they did and celebrated Christmas.