Ice Dogs

By Ethan Gary

General Summary

Victoria is a dogsled racer in Alaska. Since the recent death of her father, who taught her everything she knows about being a musher, she pours herself into training her dogs and preparing for the White Wolf Classic. On a routine run, she comes across Chris who is injured in a snowmobile accident. A fast-approaching blizzard catches Victoria by surprise and covers her sled trails. She finds herself lost in the frozen wilderness with little food or protection. Her real race becomes one of survival against time. Will she be able to save Chris and herself?


The characters are Victoria, Chris, Victoria's mom and the sled dogs. The story is located in Alaska.
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Rising Action

Victoria was at the end of a race and Chuck came up to her and said "This weekend can you come to my house and maybe buy some dogs from me?" She was on her way to chucks house riding on her dog sled when she found a snowmobile crashed in to a tree. There was a boy laying on the ground hurt.


Victoria got him to wake up and she put him in the sled and asked, "What way is your house?" He said that way and she said OK that is the way i am headed. Victoria knew he was badly injured in the crash and needed to see a doctor but he just wanted to go home . She decided to just bring him home Victoria and Chris started toward Chris's house. They got lost and a blizzard started.

Fall Action

Victoria were trying to find a road so they could find there way home.


they found chuck's yurt so that meant they were close to his house
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In my book Ice dog I was reading that they go stuck in the ice because the dogs chased otter down the river. But the river started to crack. I predict that the ice will crack a they will fall in and drowned or get out safely but then freeze to death