Nelson Mandela and F.W DeKlerk

What the are doing to create equal rights.

Who is Nelson Mandela?

Nelson Mandela is a South African Rights Activists and politician. He plays a major role in the abolishing of Apartheid. This is because he is in the African National Congress (ANC). This organization, with his help, has overcome many obstacles of Apartheid. Nelson Mandela is now arrested for protesting against the government. This helped the abolishing of Apartheid.

Who Is F.W DeKlerk?

Who He Is...

F.W. DeKlerk is the last State President of the Apartheid-era. He also is apart of the National Party. Him and Nelson Mandela joined together to establish nonracial democracy and to end Apartheid in South Africa. F.W. DeKlerk is a very courageous person because he has decided to work with a black South African during the Apartheid-era.