Ancient Greece



I learned a lot about Ancient Greece when I was doing my research. First you will learn about the life of the early wanderers. Then you will learn about slavery in ancient greece. last you will learn about how greek culture survived. Be prepard to be amazed.

Life of the early wanderers.

Little is known of the early stages of greek settlement. Along the way they gazed their herds. In the spring they stop long enough to plant and harvest a single crop. The invaders probably moved southward from their pasturelands along the Danube,bringing their families and primitive goods in rough oxcarts. THe life of the early wanderers had a cool and fun life.

Slavery in ancient greece

It must be remembered however,that a very large part of the population was not free. Two fifths of the population were slaves. Slave labor produced much of the wealth that gave the citizens of Athens time and money to persue the state. Slavery in greece was a peculiar institution. when a city was conquered inhabitants were often sold as slaves.

How greek culture survived

The Hellenistic age ended with the establishment of the roman empire in 31bc. THe romans borrowed from the art and science of greeks and drew upon. Thier philosophy of stoicism. As christianity grew and spread, profoundly influenced by greek thought. Throughout the barbarian invasions, greeks learning was preserved by christians in constantinople and by musims in cario, egypt.


I learned alot about ancient greece and its cool. ancient greece has alot of cool stuff about it. It has so much history about it its amazing. There is alot of stuff that I dident get to tipe on this page. I had fun with this thing we did.


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