Western University @ a glance

Introducing BMOS at Western

University of Western Ontario:

The University of Western Ontario, which is often referred to as Western University, is located in London, Ontario. The town of London has a population of about 350,000 and has great infrastructure with a hospital, and highways connecting to the city of Toronto within a few hours driving. Western university's main campus covers 455 hectares of land, with the Thames River running through the eastern portion of the campus. It is fairly easy to find residence homes around the campus if a student doesn't want to live in campus.
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Extra Curricular Options:

  • Student Council
  • WMUN (Western Model United Nations)
  • Sports teams (Basketball, Football, Soccer etc...)


For residence options, students can choose to:

  • Live in the residences at Western
  • Glenmore Apartments (University Owned Apartments)
  • Platt's Lane Estate (Also University owned-have to live with other people)

Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS)

The BMOS program is a management/business bachelors program that is full of potential and growing in reputation. By getting this diploma, a student can enter a lot of different fields and occupations related to business. (Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources Management etc.)

Admission Requirements

To apply to the Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS), students must first apply for the MOS diploma program, spend one year on the program, and then apply for BMOS specialization for a single of double major degree.

To apply to the MOS program, students must take the following courses during high school:

  • ENG4U (Grade 12 English)
  • MHF4U (Advanced Functions) or MCV4U (Data Management)
  • MCV4U (Calculus and Vectors)
    *This course is not required for admission but it is highly recommended.

After spending one year taking the MOS program, the student must attain the following to apply to BMOS specialization and get the BMOS diploma after they finish the program:

Facts about the BMOS program at Western:

  • The BMOS program at Western University accepts 715 new applicants each year,
  • The program has an 85% employment rate within 3 months after graduation.
  • Applicants are required to take MDM4U (Data Management) or MHF4U (Advanced Functions) and a university calculus course to apply. An economics course during high school is also strongly recommended.
  • Co-ops or internship options are available for this bachelors program.
  • Tuition fees are about $5940 to $8140 per year.

Possible Majors:

  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Commerce

Possible Minors:

  • Calculus
  • Psychology
  • Food Management

Further Education:

  • MBA
  • Masters in Accounting
  • Masters in Economics

Frequently asked questions about BMOS:

  1. Why should I take BMOS?
This is just a basic business diploma. You will need it if you want to enter fields of occupations related to business.

2. What qualities should I have if a want to be successful in the program?

You should be open to new challenges, since this program is going to be really

challenging. You should also have good social skills, as you will do a lot of group

work during the program.

3. What subjects should I be strong at if I am considering BMOS?

You have to be good at courses related to Mathematics, English, and Economics to be successful in this program.

Feel free to ask more questions!