An Extra $500 A Week.

...What Would You Do With It?

Motor Club of America (MCA) PROOF


•Emergency Roadside Assistance - Unlimited Towing up to 100 miles, fuel delivery, lockout, and much more

•Travel Assistance Reimbursement - Up to $500 provided for a rental car, meals, and lodging
•Trip Planning and Travel Reservations - One stop shop for all of your travel assistance needs
•Arrest Bonds - Up to $500 to bond you out of jail
•Bail Bonds - up to $25,000.00 to release you in a related vehicle manslaughter or negligent homicide auto incident
•Attorney Fees - Up to $2,000 to fight a moving violation ticket, damaged vehicle, or personal injury matters
•Stolen Vehicle Reward - Up to $5,000.00 to the person who recovers your stolen vehicle
•Credit Card Protection - Up to $1,000.00 reimbursed to you if your Credit Card is misused
•Hotel and Rental Card Discounts - Up to 45% off
•Prescription, Vision, and Dental Discounts - Up to 65% off
•Emergency Reimbursement Benefits - Receive up to $500 if you go to the emergency room
•Daily Hospital Benefit - Up to $54,000.00 if your admitted into the hospital, paid at $150.00 daily
•Accidental Death Benefit - Up to $50,000.00 –MCA is a valued partner of Zurch Insurance of North America
•Worldwide Travel Assistance Program - Medical Evacuation and much more... I am offering this package for $20 a month without any contracts.

CLICK HERE for a complete list of benefits.

Associate Compensation

$80.00 or more for every single membership submitted, as well as unlimited monthly residual income from your members. Even 2 small referral signups a day generates a $1,120.00 WEEKLY INCOME!!! Paid weekly via direct deposit to your bank account or deposit of choice.

Your first pay check can be as early as the following Friday if you get started before our Company weekly deadline of Saturday at 12am Central Time.

Remember, this opportunity comes with a small $39.90 initial investment, this is an investment for your own business and financial freedom. This initial payment is eventually reimbursed on your very first paycheck, meaning you have nothing to lose!

Motor Club of America is all around peace of mind and FINANCIAL--->>SECURITY BLANKET!


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