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Q: I am a Jew and I am confused, about why you need to become baptized to join the Christian Community.


A: By being Baptized you are showing that you believe in all the teachings of Jesus Christ and are willing to live your life following them. Then you are a member of the Christian Community


Q: I am a Gentile and I am thinking about converting to Christianity. It is not clear to me to what the core beliefs and the mission of the Christian Community is, could you please explain it to me?


A: I would love to answer your question @student_5. The mission of the Christian Community all started out with God sending his one and only son , Jesus, down to Earth. While on Earth Jesus taught us the values such as loving your neighbor as yourself, and sharing what we have with the poor and needy. Another core belief is that Jesus gave us his Body and his Blood , which is represented in the bread and wine. We believe that Jesus rose from the dead, and ascended into heaven. I hope I answered your question @student_5


Q: Hi, I am a Gentile and I am thinking about joining Christianity. I am nervous about joining. Can you tell me what the Christian Church expects of me?


A: I would love to answer your question as thoroughly as I can @Hillary_C. As my friend, Peter, who is the head of the Christian Community, told us that we all live with one heart, share everything in common, and all proceeds are distributed according to need.


Q: Greetings, I am a Jew. I am puzzled as to whom is the leader of the Christian Community? What role does he play? Bernie_Sanders2017

A: That's an easy one! Before Jesus left us he appointed Peter, the head of the Christian Community. Jesus once said, "Upon this rock I will my Church." He is referring to Peter as the rock. Peter did his very best to spread the word of God, and to build a strong basis for the Community.


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Advice 2

Q: Hello, I am a Gentile. I keep hearing about this man, Jesus. I was wondering who he was and what was his relation to the Christian Religion?


A: The Christian Community believes that Jesus was the true Son of God. Christians believe God sent Jesus in human form to teach us a new way of living. We believe that he suffered and died on the cross for the sins of men. We also believe that he rose from the dead and opened the gates to heaven. We hope that by living a good life, we can someday meet him there. I hope this helps!


Q: I am a practicing Jew. I am considering joining Christianity. Would I have to give up all of my beliefs?


A: Of course not @Barb45! Jesus himself was a Jew. His apostles were also Jewish. In the Christian Community, much of the Jewish customs were carried over. Such as circumcision and the Ten Commandments. Although Judaism and Christianity have many things alike the one main difference is that Christians believe that Jesus was was the one true Messiah that the Jewish people were waiting for. As you well know many Jewish people couldn't accept this. If you are not willing to believe this I suggest that you do not join Christianity


Q: I am a Gentile, and I am asking why the Jewish Christians won't accept us into the Christian Community?


A: That is a very complicated question, my friend. I'll do my best to answer it. The Jewish- Christian community thought that Jesus was bringing the Good News just for them. They wanted to keep it and not allow anybody else to hear about it. They felt they were the chosen ones and were superior in God's eyes. It is taking Peter and I quite a while to tell the Jewish Christians that this was the opposite of what Jesus was trying to do. We should all work together to spread the good news. We should all be on one mission to speak the good word, because Jesus told us to go out to all nations and spread the good news instead of holding to one specific group.


Wrap Up

I hope I answered your questions as well as I could. I put a lot of time and effort into them. I, and many others are on one mission to spread the good word and also to spread the religion of Christianity.